High Art in Washington,DC

In front of Freedom House


Mural that probably will not be standing much longer

Biking back from Capitol Hill, I passed a late 19th apartment building on Massachusetts Ave.,NW that I had photographed in large format,black and white film (“HABS photography”) maybe 20 years ago. It was to be renovated or demolished and the D.C. historic preservation office required the documentation.  I nearly fell off my bike as the building was unchanged.  But a block north there is a slick, recent office building,mural, 300 block(n side) of I St,nw 2 and across the street I saw the mural on the side of an old brick house.  I suspect that long after the building with the mural is demolished as part of the redevelopment of the block, the Mass. Ave. building will still be sitting vacant.

(C)Bill Lebovich,all rights reserved,2014